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Club Drugs

Club drugs are not only popular in raves but are often use by stars like Chris Brown,Justine Bieber and the most common used types of club drugs include; Ecstasy,Ketamine, Rohypnol also know as Roofies, methamphetamine and lysergic acid Diethylamide (LSD). The following paragraphs below explains how stars party with this drugs.

To begin,stars take this drugs and the substance affects and enhances their experience of rave and electronic dance,music,brightly colored projected images aswell as massive sound system.

Feeling energetic with club drugs

stars become very energetic, fearless and it gets them exited . The drugs can cause them to feel open,arouse and unafraid. It affects their ability to think, feel, judge, and act. It makes it hard for them to know what is real or not. It can cause them to forget period of time.

Furthermore, stars Have exciting pleasure. Usually,you have all this stars sitting around, being open and honest. Its like a safe space with no judgment and therefore little judgment of themselves. It is actually really freeing just to expose the ugly side of this stars.

Effects of club drugs

To continue, Drugs act on the central nervous system and can cause changes in mood, awareness and behavior. Parting becomes fun and adventurous. Living like it was the last they on earth and they had to enjoy every second

Lastly, after some party, this niggars will need to chill with ladies since this drugs arouses them, it can make them hyper anxious or paranoid and this drugs are also use for “date rape”Drugs are very powerful and when aroused, this drugs help them to make sexual assault easier.

Tacking club drugs

In conclusion, club drugs can affect you very quickly,and you might not know that something is wrong. The length of time that the effects last varies. It depends on how much of the drugs is in your body and if the drug is mixed with other drugs or alcohol. Alcohol can make the effects of drugs even stronger and can cause serious problems.even death.


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